Sunday, 12 February 2012

Are You Proud of Your Pussy?

Had I been attempting to write this a year or so ago, I think the answer would have been quite straight forward, I would have said no. I would have compared my pussy to a typical image, a beautiful slim and sexy woman with a neat little snatch and thought “no mine is nothing like that”
Thankfully, now I am past comparing myself to others not just in body but it appears in pussy too.
No I don’t have a neat little pussy that looks like it’s never been touched I have the pussy of a real woman, a woman that has produced three beautiful children ( something for my pussy to be proud of in itself). The pussy of a woman that has lived and fucked and damn well enjoyed herself. I have a pussy that has given more pleasure than I can count to both me and my husband.
So does it matter that my inner lips don’t sit neatly hidden inside (something some would consider having surgically change if it was them)? No because just like the stretch marks that grace my stomach and the extra padding my hips have acquired over time, my pussy is part of me. A real woman, living a real life and giving real pleasure.
If you’d like to join in Molly’s @Mollysdailykiss pussy pride project you can read more here.
Pussy Pride

This post was originally on another blog I no longer use, I decided to move it here rather than it be lost.


  1. Thank you very much for joining in with The Pussy Pride Project. I loved reading this, it felt almost defiant in nature as you were saying, fuck you society, I am beautiful and I know it. As I said so many times before being sexy is all about attitude. Love it!