Sunday, 5 August 2012

We All Have Our Favourites

We all have our favourite toys and this is one of mine. I don't have small hands and that is the best grip i can get on it. The feeling of fullness it gives is such a wonderful sensation and I always feel a little proud when I know I have taken it all.

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Sinful Sunday

Thursday, 21 June 2012

50 Shades of Positivity

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months you will have no doubt heard about the 50 Shades trilogy and as seems to be the pattern, you will have heard one of two things. Either, you will have had women gushing about how they couldn’t put the books down and they have told all their friends and they are now all at different stages through the books etc or you will have heard the opposite camp telling you they are sick of hearing about these bloody books, that are badly written, badly edited and completely unrealistic.
So where do I sit when it comes to the 50 Shades divide? As much as I agree with many of the points made by the anti 50 shades brigade I can’t fully get on board, because I can see too many positive possibilities coming from these books and here are just a few of them.
The writing style of this book is not fantastic but by bringing erotica to the mainstream instead of it being a tiny section hidden away on high shelves in bookshops, it will give better opportunities for some of the fantastic writers of erotica. People are finishing the 50 Shades Trilogy and wondering what else there is out there that isn’t some trashy book that has no story line and is just about the graphic details of the sex the characters are having. On Twitter alone I can think of plenty of writers whose capabilities, given the opportunity, will completely outshine E.L.James.
Early on in the trilogy we are introduced to the world of Dom/sub relationships. OK it probably isn’t done as most people in the Dom/sub community would like, I have heard the grumbles about the amount of alcohol consumed etc. However for a lot of the people reading this book I think they have found themselves discovering an interest in an area they didn’t know existed and for those that perhaps already felt drawn to the idea, it may well help them gain the confidence to voice their interest. There are many people in the world that would view these kinds of relationships as taboo but 50 Shades has made it more acceptable. Surely anything that allows people to learn about their sexual desires can’t be all bad can it?
Still slightly on the theme above, I have experienced personally, that women are finding a new sexual freedom having read these books. Women who didn’t like to talk about sex are suddenly opening up, talking about bits mentioned in the books that they would like to try or ideas that have developed from reading the books. More sex for everyone? I don’t think anyone will be complaining about that.
At this point I really could go on and on but I won’t I’ll just say something about the claims that this book is unrealistic, yeah it is unrealistic. A pretty, 21 year old virgin, lacking in confidence falls under the spell of a handsome millionaire battling demons from his past and finding release in his red room of pain. Can’t say it’s ever happened to anyone I know but then again I also don’t know anyone who owns a mansion and ended up shagging the gardener in his cabin, nor for that matter have I ever known anyone who has fallen in love with a vampire and had his baby. There is a reason for this, its fiction! We read books to escape into a world unlike our own where things happen, that we may not ever imagine.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Day and Night

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Sinful Sunday

Sunday, 10 June 2012


We are growing and exploring together, there is no one I would rather be on this journey with.

His Strength excites every inch of my being.
And as ever his tenderness touches my heart.

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  Sinful Sunday

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Are You Proud of Your Pussy?

Had I been attempting to write this a year or so ago, I think the answer would have been quite straight forward, I would have said no. I would have compared my pussy to a typical image, a beautiful slim and sexy woman with a neat little snatch and thought “no mine is nothing like that”
Thankfully, now I am past comparing myself to others not just in body but it appears in pussy too.
No I don’t have a neat little pussy that looks like it’s never been touched I have the pussy of a real woman, a woman that has produced three beautiful children ( something for my pussy to be proud of in itself). The pussy of a woman that has lived and fucked and damn well enjoyed herself. I have a pussy that has given more pleasure than I can count to both me and my husband.
So does it matter that my inner lips don’t sit neatly hidden inside (something some would consider having surgically change if it was them)? No because just like the stretch marks that grace my stomach and the extra padding my hips have acquired over time, my pussy is part of me. A real woman, living a real life and giving real pleasure.
If you’d like to join in Molly’s @Mollysdailykiss pussy pride project you can read more here.
Pussy Pride

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Monday, 22 August 2011


I stood there in my short skirt, vest and heels and waited for my inspection to begin. He rose from the chair in front of me scanning my frame. I could still feel his eyes burning into my skin as me moved behind me to check the view from behind. Accustomed to how this works now I leant forward as his hand began to press at my back, my hands found the chair as I steadied myself as his inspection continued. My nails gripped slowly into the soft velour of the chair as his hand slid between my legs, he flicked his finger over my clit and plunged a finger into my already wet pussy. My knees wobbled before I could control myself, as I heard a satisfied sigh rise from him. He had been teasing me and building me up for this evening all week and now he could see it had worked, the anticipation of tonight’s events had my body in a frenzy. My synapses were firing like never before and we had let to leave the house.

His inspection complete, he helped me return to my standing position and lead me to the front door. Opening the car door for me he watched me try to seat myself with some dignity, I watched the smirk spread across my face as my cheeks flushed. I knew I was exposing myself doing this simplest of things, my skirt was too short to hide anything. He took his seat next to me and reversed out of the driveway into the darkness.

As we headed away from the city, there were less headlights blazing towards us, streetlights disappeared behind us and I knew we were reaching closer to our destination. Suddenly there were headlights ahead of us crossing our path as they turned into an invisible opening in the trees; I felt our car slow as we approached the same turning. I couldn’t hide the deep breath I took as nerves began to get the better of me, his hand slid across in the darkness to find mine. He gave it a tender squeeze, a reminder he was with me, that I was safe.

We had turned onto a narrow single track lane and as we reached the end the car lights hit three cars hiding in the darkness. He pulled round and parked the car facing opposite the three cars that were already there. He turned the engine off and hit the lights. I grabbed for his hand, the nerves getting the better of me as I waited for light to shine from opposite us. It was only a few seconds but it felt much longer as I listened to my pulse thumping through my head.

Then they were there, the lights I knew would come. They blazed in on us and with a final gentle squeeze of my hand I knew it was time to venture out on my own. I lifted myself from the car and presented myself to the front. The lights were blinding and I knew that although I couldn’t see anything, there were now fours sets of eyes upon me. I followed the instructions I had been given earlier and positioned myself against the bonnet of the car, raised what there was of my skirt and began to rub my swollen pussy.

It didn’t take long for me to relax into it; I closed my eyes to shut out the glaring light and lay back against the bonnet. My fingers slid away from wet hole to give my clit the attention it was craving, the break in my moans, was the first time I was reminded there were others there, when I heard the scrape of a foot against gravel. I rubbed hard at my clit; I could feel the heat rising from my toes as my orgasm built. Within seconds it was exploding from me, my back arched away from the hard surface of the car as I lost myself in its wave.

My breath calming, I turned my body away from my onlookers. My chest pressed firmly against the car I opened my eyes to meet his. He was still in the car; I saw his body tense slightly as I felt a pair of hands on my hips and my skirt being pushed up to expose my rear more clearly. Our eyes stayed locked as I felt a cock pressing at my opening and as I felt it being plunged into my depths. Holding onto my hips a rhythm was quickly increasing, consumed by the pleasure I took my gaze from him. I knew his gaze wouldn’t have strayed from me as I continued to be filled by this stranger behind me. I knew my moans would be filling his ears as the pleasure began to overwhelm me. Before I had the opportunity to embrace my own climax though, I felt the cock inside me twitch and with one final thrust he was spent and withdrew.

A quick glance towards the windscreen I could make out a smirk on his face. He knew how close I had been and was taking pleasure that I had been denied release. I was filled with rage at my misfortune and as I felt the next cock present itself at my hole I opened to it. I tilted my hips and pushed back while still meeting his eyes, this time with my own smile in place. I continued to push back against this new cock inside me, desperate to steal my own pleasure before this one too became spent. I saw his hand grasp at the steering wheel his jealously building at the obvious eagerness and enjoyment from me.

How frustrating it was to realise my enthusiasm for this new cock had not worked in my favour, again I felt the repeated twitch and withdrawal this time before I had really made any real reach for my own orgasm. I knew I had only one more chance to achieve this as again my lips were parted. This cock was bigger, much bigger and as I raised my head to see him sat behind the steering wheel I knew that he had planned this. My eyes never left his as my pussy stretched to take this new member between my swollen lips. I didn’t thrust back against it this time, the only movement from my body came from the force behind me. I lost myself to his voice in my head, his talk of when this day would arrive. I knew now he had meant every word as I felt the release I had been craving build within me. He watched me intently as my orgasm rolled over me and left me a spent, breathless mess upon the bonnet. The throbbing cock removed itself from my stretched hole and I felt the warm spatter of cum spread across my cheeks.

Still I didn’t move, I heard the shuffling of feet against gravel moving away from me, the opening of car doors and then there was darkness. I lifted my body from the car, my limbs trembling I carried myself back to my seat in the car. No sooner had my door shut than we were speeding away. The roads were empty and we were back in our driveway in what seemed like seconds. He turned off the car and came round to open my door. He took my hand and led me into the house, back to where my inspection had taken place at the beginning of the night. He bent me forward as he had earlier and examined my pussy again. I knew it would be showing signs of the fucking it had received and I knew it would still be wet. His fingers slid within me with ease and my nails drew once again against the fabric of the chair to support myself.

He moved me closer to the chair and put pressure at the top of my back for me to lean further forward until my head was rested against the seat of the chair and my bottom was high in the air. His hand landed quickly and firmly against my bottom, I tried to force my rear out more, welcoming his hand against my skin. He continued his assault on my flesh until his arms began to tire and he was sure he had left more than redness on my surface. I stayed in position and waited. His hands grasped at my marked skin as he plunged his length deep inside me. He forced into me deep and hard, his rhythm was relentless, grip in my flesh deepening as he reached closer to his climax.

I felt my own orgasm suddenly upon me, the tremble beneath him was what he had been waiting for, he thrust harder again as his seed exploded from him to deep within my depths. He rested his exhausted body against me and kissed my back. It was the first time he had kissed me that evening.

He helped me up from the chair and led me to the bedroom, we undressed each other slowly and tenderly, our bodies entwined around each other as we lay together, back in his arms where I belong. His arms, his kiss, his seed and his mark on my flesh he had reclaimed me.