Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I am waiting for your instructions, knowing I mustn’t touch until you have told me I may. I can feel my breathing increasing as your eyes scan my body, as your eyes reach mine you give your command.
My fingers rush past my hardened nipples to my desperate clit and down into the depths of my wetness. The anticipation of this moment makes my touch send me almost over the edge instantly but I know I mustn’t come yet I must wait for your permission.
But you aren’t saying anything only watching my fingers as they fill me. I can tell from the look in your eye you aren’t going to let me come yet, you have something else in mind.
You replace my hand with yours and force three fingers deep into me, I know I am on the edge already and must focus not to lose control yet. I can see the knowing smile on your face as you insert a fourth finger, your determined to stretch me and I know you won’t stop at four. I know I can take it and you know what will happen when I do.
I can feel my wetness increasing and know that I am ready as you force the rest inside me. The stretching of my lips and the fullness inside makes my desperation for release intensify. You know I can’t hold on any longer, I hear “come” just as you twist your hand inside me.
The room spins, sounds are muffles as my breath escapes me and I feel the gush

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